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In Group 2017 Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey of Active Duty Members


The executive note, Harassment of Racial/Ethnic Minority Active Duty Members: Exploring Intersectional Approaches, examines the co-occurrence of exposure to sexually harassing and racially harassing behaviors in the military workplace using data from the 2017 WEOA. Findings supported an additive (rather than multiplicative) intersectional effect, with Racial/Ethnic Minority members, regardless of gender, being significantly more likely to agree that both harassing behaviors (racial and sexist slurs/comments) occurred in their workplace. To the extent that a climate for sexual harassment and racial harassment in one’s unit contributes to sexual assault (as well as other harmful outcomes), focusing on one or the other form of harassment exclusively may be detrimental to prevention efforts, especially for Racial/Ethnic Minority members.
Fielding Year: 2017
Topic: Equal Opportunity
Produced By: H&R
Document Type: Executive Note
Population: Active Duty
Product ID: 2022-2017