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Research Categories

Recruiting & Awareness

OPA ensures that shared information needs for military recruiting are met. This includes conducting tracking studies to monitor propensity to serve and the attitudes and behaviors of specific populations essential for recruiting success (e.g., prospects, new recruits, educators, parents, recruiters, and mission-critical populations like cyber and medical prospects). Research efforts also include tracking recall of and reactions to military advertising, providing analytics to identify areas of high recruiting potential, simplifying the complex recruiting market with market segmentation and assessing the impact of current events on recruiting.

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Personnel Security

OPA supports efforts to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and fairness of personnel security, suitability, insider threat, and workforce programs and policies through applied research and development of innovative systems, tools, and job aids.

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Quality of Work Life

Data are examined for factors such as increased satisfaction and decreased emotional distress, stress, and readiness, with the goal of lowering turnover and creating productive work environments.

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Health & Well-Being

Data analytics are used to formulate, monitor and refine policies and programs affecting the morale, mental health, well-being and gender relations of DoD personnel and their families.

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Spouse & Family

Survey data and analysis assess the effectiveness of family support programs intended to meet needs at different points in the deployment cycle and family life cycle.

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Program Evaluation

Responses are collected from the DoD population and analyzed to assess the benefits, utility, and satisfaction of the programs, provisions and facilities offered to them.

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