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Our Approach

In order to glean deeper insights and assess the efficacy of current and future DoD policies, we draw upon our interdisciplinary expertise to analyze broader patterns via three key capabilities:

  • autorenew Assess the Service Member Life Cycle

    Examine the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of prospective and current Service members across their entire military career.

  • timeline Utilize Cutting-Edge Analytical Methods

    Use data science methodology on existing and new research to produce innovative and actionable insights for decision makers.

  • done_all Provide Data-Driven Recommendations, Solutions, and Tools

    Use our cross-division expertise and data to guide recommendations and improve personnel programs and policies.

Our Divisions

OPA programs provide innovative, cost-effective data solutions and foster collaboration efforts to benefit the DoD community. Its divisions comprise experts in various fields such as statistics, psychology, applied social science, information technology, and marketing outreach.
Center for Retention & Readiness Research (R&R)

R&R designs, conducts, and analyzes joint-Service surveys focusing on military and family readiness and retention. This entails evaluating existing programs and policies, establishing baseline measures, implementing new programs, and monitoring the progress and effects of new programs on the Total Force and their families.

Defense Testing & Assessment Center (DTAC)

DTAC provides fair and accurate measurement of examinees’ abilities and interests, efficient delivery of tests, and high-quality career exploration and planning tools.

Defense Personnel & Security Research Center (PERSEREC)

PERSEREC uses applied social science and advances in technology and information science to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and fairness of DoD’s personnel security, suitability, and reliability systems. For more information about PERSEREC, click here. To contact PERSEREC, send an email to perserec@mail.mil.

Health & Resilience Research Division (H&R)

H&R conducts research and analysis in order to promote the health, well-being, and resilience of military Service members and DoD civilians. We support Service members and DoD personnel by conducting cutting-edge research on high-profile topics within the DoD, such as gender relations, sexual assault, equal opportunity, suicide prevention, and command climate.

Joint Advertising, Market Research & Studies (JAMRS)

JAMRS eliminates redundancies and fosters efficiencies across DoD’s recruiting efforts to ensure that shared efforts are performed once for the entire department rather than individually by each Service’s marketing program.

Methods, Analysis, & Systems Support (MASS)

MASS is committed to providing timely, accurate, and valuable statistical, data science, and analytical expertise while using the most effective cybersecurity-compliant IT solutions and systems.

Our Leadership

Office of People Analytics
Ashlea Klahr
Acting Director of the DoD Office of People Analytics (OPA)

Ashlea Klahr serves as the Acting Director of the DoD Office of People Analytics (OPA). She has more than eight years of experience conducting high-impact research, leading research teams, and generating actionable insights across a range of efforts within DoD. Dr. Klahr was appointed the Acting Director of OPA in September 2023.

Prior to her current role, Dr. Klahr was the director of the Health & Resilience (H&R) Research Division within OPA. In that capacity, she oversaw teams conducting research and analytic efforts that informed policies and programs within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (OUSD[P&R]) Office of Force Resiliency (OFR), including multiple Congressionally required surveys and a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative research efforts. Notable examples include the Workplace and Gender Relations surveys, the Service Academy Gender Relations surveys, and the Workplace and Equal Opportunity surveys. She also oversaw the redesign and modernization of the Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS), and multiple efforts to improve and expand upon the Department’s Command Climate Assessment (CCA) analytic capabilities.

Prior to joining the federal government, Dr. Klahr supported the Joint Advertising, Market Research and Studies (JAMRS) and H&R divisions of OPA as a DoD contractor, conducting research and analysis focused on influencers and their likelihood to recommend and support military service, the impact of current events on the general public’s views of military service, quality of life and well-being of military recruiters, and risk factors associated with experiencing sexual assault in the Military.

Dr. Klahr has expertise in social science research methods, statistical analysis, clinical psychology, and military personnel topics. She holds a PhD and an MA in clinical psychology from Michigan State University and a BA in psychology from Grove City College. She completed a predoctoral clinical internship at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Chicago. She has published peer-reviewed research across a range of topics, including behavioral genetics, developmental psychopathology, and parent-child relationships.

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