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Market Research Resources

Release Date Evergreen
Research Definitions Research Design and Three Fundamental Methodologies

Research design is concerned with turning research questions into specific tasks to guide further inquiry. There are three fundamental research methodologies that provide the basis for all research designs: Experimental Methodology, Survey Methodology, and Case Study Methodology. The most important consideration is to ensure that the methods or techniques employed are appropriate for the questions that need to be answered.

Release Date Evergreen
Data Collection Using Online Panels

This is an attractive option for researchers interested in saving time, minimizing costs, and making the most of technology to create more realistic stimuli and testing conditions. However, online panels are not necessarily the panacea many had hoped they would be. Rather, consumers need to understand the limitations and advantages of online panels in order to use them effectively.

Survey Resources

Release Date May 2018
Survey Licensing Overview

This outlines the various documents required to be completed and submitted for all Department of Defense (DoD) surveys ― administered to more than one Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) or DoD Component ― and provides guidance on standards for DoD and military surveys.

Release Date April 2019
OPA Survey Nonresponse Bias Assessment Schedule High-Level Document

OPA regularly conducts nonresponse bias studies on the congressionally mandated surveys in our portfolio. This document outlines the frequency of these studies for each survey.

Release Date September 2019
Inter-Service Survey Coordinating Committee (ISSCC)

The Inter-Service Survey Coordinating Committee comprises representatives from the Office of People Analytics, the Defense Health Agency, and each of the Military Services. It was established to foster effective DoD survey programs and minimize respondent burden and costs to DoD by eliminating unnecessary duplication.

Release Date September 2016
DoD Survey Burden Action Plan

This document includes recommendations developed and endorsed by the ISSCC and supported by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness to address survey burden, cost, and duplication across the Department.

DoD Issuance Related to Survey Administration

Release Date March 2017
DoDI 1100.13, DoD Surveys

This DoD Instruction outlines the policies and procedures for conducting DoD surveys across more than one DoD/OSD Component.

Release Date May 2014
DoDI 8910.01, Information Collection and Reporting

This DoD Instruction establishes and policies and assigns responsibilities for the collection of information and the control of paperwork burden.

Release Date June 2014
DoD Manual 8910.01 – Vol. 1, DoD Information Collections Manual: Procedures for DoD Internal Information Collections

This DoD Manual outlines the responsibilities and procedures for the approval and licensing of internal information collections (including surveys) of the DoD.

Release Date June 2014
DoD Manual 8910.01 – Vol. 2, DoD Information Collections Manual: Procedures for DoD Public Information Collections

This DoD Manual provides guidance and procedures necessary to obtain approval of public information collections (including surveys).