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In Group Insider Threat Data Analysis Workbook


Data analysis, management, and governance are critical elements of insider threat (InT) programs. To strengthen the InT community’s ability to improve their prevention and response efforts, the Threat Lab developed the Data Analysis Plan for the Insider Threat Community: A Collaborative Workbook, an instructional guide for use by InT analysts. This introductory Workbook is comprised of two main sections and is designed to: • provide a basic understanding of research design and statistical principles, • demonstrate how to develop research questions based on data, • offer a framework for thinking about and generating important research questions, • demonstrate how to conduct basic statistical analyses and data visualization, and • increase the Insider Threat (InT) hubs’ workforce knowledge on the minimum data essential for meaningful reporting and analysis.
Topic: Threat Vectors
Produced By: PERSEREC
Document Type: Tool
Product ID: PA-23-04, DPAC-2023-295