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Are you in a survey?

OPA conducts recurring and ongoing surveys and this section provides information about each survey and who to contact for more details. We collect information from military members, DoD civilians, military spouses, and others in the DoD community on a wide variety of topics. Survey results help the Department’s leadership to evaluate existing policies and programs, establish baseline measures before implementing new policies and programs, and monitor the progress of policies and programs.

When a person is selected to participate in one of our surveys, we typically notify them by email or by mail. The invitation contains details on why we’re conducting the survey, that responses are voluntary and confidential, and how to participate.

OPA is committed to:

  • protecting information from survey participants by using secure systems and implementing confidentiality practices to protect your identity.
  • using scientific best practices to ensure our surveys are representative of the unique population of interest.
  • designing survey questions to efficiently measure topics that impact the DoD community.

If you received an invitation to complete one of our surveys, click below to learn more:

Active Duty and Reserve Component Spouse Surveys

The Spouse Surveys measure many aspects of military life, including spouse employment, financial conditions, the impact of deployments and PCS moves, and the well-being of spouses and children.

Armed Forces Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey

The WEO surveys gather feedback from military members about workplace climate, readiness, well-being, training, and policy effectiveness.

Defense Organizational Climate Survey

The DEOCS gathers information on many aspects of unit or organizational climate, including diversity, inclusion, and harassment and discrimination.

Defense Performance Management Evaluation Survey

DPMEC is an evaluation of DoD's Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP).

Department of Defense Civilian Employee Workplace and Gender Relations Survey

The WGRC assesses gender relations in the DoD civilian employee workplace.

QuickCompass of Sexual Assault Responders

QSAR gathers feedback and insights from sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention and response personnel at military installations.

Sexual Violence Support and Experiences Study

The SVSES allows DoD to learn directly from Service members about their experiences with sexual violence and specifically, sexual assault.

Status of Forces Surveys

The SOFS assess retention, satisfaction, tempo, stress, and readiness among military members.

Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Military Members

The WGR is a survey of military members that provides the DoD’s official estimates of the prevalence of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in the Military.