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In Group Examination of Workplace Climate Issues Related to Sexual Orientation in the Military


The purpose of the Impacts of Experiencing Sexual Orientation-Based Harassment and Discrimination on the Readiness and Resilience of Military Members: Findings From the 2017 WEOA and 2019 WEOR executive note is to identify the potential impacts of experiencing sexual orientation-based harassment and/or discrimination on the self-reported readiness and resilience of military members. Using data from the 2017 Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey of Active Duty Members and 2019 Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey of Reserve Component Members, researchers examined whether members who experienced sexual orientation-based harassment and/or discrimination in the military workplace differed from those who did not on a variety of indicators of readiness, including retention intention, satisfaction with military way of life, satisfaction with supervisors, satisfaction with coworkers, unit cohesion, work satisfaction, preparedness for the wartime mission, and morale. Additionally, differences in perceived resilience, stress, general health, and depressive symptoms were examined among Reserve component members.
Topic: Equal Opportunity, Unit Climate
Produced By: H&R
Document Type: Executive Note
Population: Active Duty, Reserve Component
Product ID: 2022-261