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The report, An Exploration of the Return on Investment for Diversity & Inclusion in the Military Using Cluster Analysis to Identify Force-Wide Climates, Correlates, and Implications: Executive Report, summarizes top-line findings from a study to identify the return on investment (ROI) for promoting healthy diversity and inclusion (D&I) climates in the military. Using survey data from the 2017 WEOA and administrative records, we leveraged D&I survey indicators to identify five distinct D&I climates that exist among active duty members. We then evaluated the association between these D&I climate types with key readiness and retention outcomes in the military. Results indicated unhealthy D&I climates were associated with key readiness and retention outcomes from the survey, as well as actual retention over a three-year period following participation in the survey using administrative records. We also explored the ways in which D&I climate could potentially impact end-strength and racial/ethnic composition of the force over time to underscore the ROI of promoting D&I within a military context.
Topic: Equal Opportunity, Unit Climate
Produced By: H&R
Document Type: Report
Population: Active Duty
Product ID: 2022-088