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In Group 2015 Workplace and Equal Opportunity Survey of Reserve Component Members


The purpose of NRB analysis is to determine whether survey estimates are biased due to nonresponse of some sample members. Office of People Analytics (OPA) conducted a series of statistical analyses to determine whether those who did not respond to the survey would have provided significantly different answers than those who did respond. NRB can occur with high or low survey response rates, but the decrease in overall survey response rates within the Department as well as civilian studies in the past decade has resulted in a greater focus on potential NRB. OPA investigated the presence of NRB using several different methods, and this report summarizes the following methods and results: 1. Evaluate composition of sample compared with survey respondents, 2. Evaluate weighted point estimates of latent variables with population values.
Fielding Year: 2015
Topic: Equal Opportunity
Produced By: H&R
Document Type: Report
Population: Reserve Component
Product ID: 2018-28