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In addition to survey items (i.e., demographics, retention, satisfaction, tempo, stress, and readiness) used in all Status of Forces Surveys (SOFS), the June 2012 SOFS-R included items on deployments since September 11, 2001, Military OneSource, general financial health, and DoD/Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) benefits. Items on the following topics were also included: Recovering Warrior programs, repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT), Helpline, detailed retention, organizational culture, impact of activation on employment, financial impact of activations/deployments, financial health, family life, activations/deployments, demobilization, detailed readiness, training and equipment, and safety. (Repeal of DADT data were provided to the DADT Repeal Implementation Team and are not included in this tabulation volume.)
Fielding Year: 2012
Produced By: R&R
Document Type: Tabulations of Responses
Population: Reserve Component
Product ID: OPA Report No. 2012-040