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In addition to survey items (i.e., demographics, retention, satisfaction, tempo, stress, and readiness) used in all Status of Forces Surveys (SOFS), the 2014 SOFS-A included items on deployments since September 11, 2001, Military OneSource, and general financial health. Items on the following topics were also included: military life, details on OPS/PERSTEMPO, details on readiness, relatives serving in the Armed Forces, programs and services, commissaries and exchanges, education, transition assistance, health and well-being, health care, tobacco, attitudes toward drinking alcohol, child care, Thrift Savings Plan, and the milConnect website. Hot-button items were also included as requested by the following policy offices: Military Community & Family Policy to assess military-provided education centers and programs; Health Affairs to assess use of supplements and the Operation Supplement Safety program; and Military Personnel Policy to assess religious accommodation. The Defense Research, Surveys, and Statistics Center (RSSC) also included items to assess technology used to take the survey and survey burden.
Fielding Year: 2014
Produced By: R&R
Document Type: Tabulations of Responses
Population: Active Duty
Product ID: 2014-042-TABS