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This Predictors of Retention Intentions Among Active Duty Service Members survey note examines the relationship between reported retention intentions of active duty members and other critical factors that could affect Service members’ motivations to remain in the military. Data collected from the 2014, September 2016, and 2017 Status of Forces Survey of Active Duty were used in separate and full regression models, as well as dominance analyses for each of the survey administrations. The three most important factors in predicting an individual’s intention to remain on active duty are spousal and familial support to stay on active duty, affective commitment to the military, and overall satisfaction with military way of life. The retention of Service members is a key metric of the military’s overall organizational well-being. A greater retention rate among current members translates to a higher degree of readiness, lessens the financial burdens associated with recruitment and new recruit training, and allows the military to maintain the viability of the All Volunteer Force.
Topic: Retention
Produced By: R&R
Document Type: Report
Population: Active Duty
Product ID: 2023-013