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In Group 2008 QuickCompass of Defense Military Health System Employees


The 2008 QuickCompass of Military Health System (MHS) Employees was conducted at the request of the Department of Defense TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) Health Program Analysis & Evaluation (HPA&E) office. Major survey content areas are demographics (e.g., paygrade, Service, hospital affiliation), current position at MHS, majority of work in duty positions, an assessment of the provision of high quality care to beneficiaries (most important aspects of caring for beneficiaries, best aspects of MHS care for beneficiaries, degree of improvement needed in MHS care for beneficiaries), and satisfaction with MHS work characteristics (satisfaction with job environment, likelihood of recommending MHS as an employer).
Fielding Year: 2008
Topic: Program Evaluation
Produced By: R&R
Document Type: Briefing
Population: Active Duty, Reserve Component, DoD Civilian
Product ID: 2008-999