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Personnel security professionals lack access to aggregate information about the prevalence of, and issues relevant to, DoD security incidents. They also lack access to aggregate data on the characteristics of personnel who experience these incidents, the associated adjudication outcomes, and the timeliness of the security incident process. This research report describes a prototype data management tool (DMT) that visually depicts security incident data year over year. The tool can be used to identify security incident trends and process improvement needs as evidenced directly from operational personnel security data. As DoD migrates to a new personnel security platform, trend analyses and process evaluation using operational data, where possible, should be prioritized. A security incident DMT is one such capability to help increase data-driven decision making within DoD's Personnel Security Program.
Fielding Year: 2022
Topic: Management
Produced By: PERSEREC
Document Type: Report
Product ID: 2022-128, RN-22-03