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PERSEREC research studies conducted in FY17 and FY18 underscored the need for personnel-security-trained mental health clinicians to support the Personnel Security Program (Dickerhoof, Wortman, Osborn, & Smith, 2017) and outlined the critical work functions and key activities necessary to provide this service (Schneider, Smith, Gallagher, Osborn, & Dickerhoof, 2018). The DoD Consolidated Adjudications Facility recently engaged a pilot group of contracted clinicians to provide psychological assessments of subjects seeking a clearance in cases where adjudicators need clarification of a mental health component. These clinicians assist adjudicators with these challenging cases but do not currently have a standardized training program to orient them to the unique requirements of their consulting role. The purpose of the current study is to develop a Program of Instruction (POI) for such a training. To create this POI, researchers interviewed subject matter experts and conducted a thorough literature review to inform course development and implementation. The outcome of this research is a detailed POI that includes a course map, course description, training objectives, course summary, and course of instruction for two web-based trainings. The first, Fundamental Security Training for Clinicians, is a 192-minute training, designed for use by clinicians prior to engaging in this important work. The second, Supplemental Security Training for Clinicians, is a 190-minute training, intended for use once clinicians have completed the initial training. Together, these trainings will assist the DoD Consolidated Adjudications Facility in its efforts to standardize and professionalize clinical consultations for the Personnel Security Program.
Fielding Year: 2019
Topic: Standards & Quality
Produced By: PERSEREC
Document Type: Report
Product ID: 2020-002, TR-19-07