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In Group 2021 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Military Members: Reports


The 2021 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Military Members (2021 WGR): Active Component Results and Trends report contains tabulations of the results from the 2021 WGR conducted from December 9, 2021 through March 3, 2022. The principal purpose of the 2021 WGR is to provide estimated prevalence rates of unwanted sexual contact, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination among military members; to assess attitudes and perceptions about personnel programs and policies designed to reduce the occurrence of these unwanted behaviors; and to provide information regarding the gender relations climate in the military. This Results and Trends report focuses on members of the DoD’s Active component and presents results by gender and paygrade for each survey question. The report also presents results of the 2021 WGR for each military service branch (including the Coast Guard) by gender and paygrade. Where possible, the report presents statistical comparisons between results from the 2021 WGR and results from the last survey of the Active component (in 2018).
Fielding Year: 2021
Produced By: H&R
Document Type: Report
Population: Active Duty, Reserve Component
Product ID: 2022-183