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Sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination are antithetical to the military’s core values and a detriment to the trust required to build and sustain a fighting force. The Department of Defense (DoD) remains committed to preventing these behaviors and to ensuring that Service members who experience gender discrimination or sexual misconduct receive the appropriate response. The Workplace and Gender Relations (WGR) survey informs the DoD’s prevention and response efforts by providing a robust system of surveillance for monitoring the estimated prevalence of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault as well as identifying the factors that contribute to risk. The DoD did not conduct the planned survey of the Active component in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a survey of the Reserve component was due in 2021. Accordingly, the 2021 WGR survey was administered to both the Active and Reserve components simultaneously.
Fielding Year: 2021
Produced By: H&R
Population: Active Duty, Reserve Component