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The 2021 Department of Defense Civilian Employee Workplace and Gender Relations Survey (WGRC): Results and Trends report contains results from the 2021 WGRC conducted from November 15, 2021 through January 24, 2022. The 2021 WGRC is designed to solicit information from both DoD appropriated fund (APF) and nonappropriated funds (NAF) civilian employees on gender issues, including estimated prevalence rates of unwanted gender-related behaviors (e.g., sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual assault/unwanted sexual contact). Although initially planned for fielding during 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the 2020 WGRC. The 2021 WGRC fulfills the Congressional mandate for a biennial survey assessment of gender relations in the DoD civilian workplace outlined in Title 10 USC §481a. The 2021 WGRC was the third survey conducted to meet this statutory requirement and the second to include nonappropriated funds (NAF) civilian employees. This Results and Trends report provides the estimates from the 2021 WGRC and comparisons to estimates from prior WGRC surveys when appropriate.
Fielding Year: 2021
Produced By: H&R
Document Type: Report
Population: DoD Civilian
Product ID: 2023-133