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In Group 2015 QuickCompass of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response-Related Providers


The 2015 QuickCompass of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response-Related Responders (2015 QSAPR) is designed to provide insights about SAPR responders at military installations worldwide. Responders are the focal point for SAPR programs at each military location. It is critical for SAPRO and Service SAPR officials to understand how effectively responders are trained for their positions and their perceptions of how well their program is supported and executed.The 2015 QSAPR is the third survey of this population following the 2012 QuickCompass of Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (2012 QSARC; DMDC, 2013) and the 2009 QuickCompass of Sexual Assault Responders (2009 QSAR; DMDC 2009), performed at the request of the Defense Task Force on Sexual Assault in the Military Services (Task Force on SAMS). Results of the 2015 QSAPR are presented by several reporting categories within the report.
Fielding Year: 2015
Produced By: H&R
Document Type: Report
Population: Active Duty, Reserve Component, DoD Civilian
Product ID: 2016-013